VIDEO: Troy Tulowitzki Reacts to Being Traded

Does this look like the face of a man who was just as shocked as we were to learn he was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays?

Now that 24 hours has passed since the initial report of the Troy Tulowitzki/Jose Reyes trade, reality has begun to sink in. Reactions have steadily filtered down since early yesterday. Perhaps the most fascinating ones of all surround the involved players.

Troy Tulowitzki hasn’t yet addressed the Toronto media yet (he’ll do that later today at 2:30pm), but in the meantime, caught up with Tulo in Colorado to get his initial reaction to the trade in this video below.


“I think once I get to Toronto and play my first game, it will sink in a bit more. Right now, it’s a little confused, mixed emotions: sad, excited. It’s kind of like getting drafted all over again, or a big league debut.

I didn’t sleep at all last night. I didn’t sleep on the big league debut.”

Tulowitzki was pulled late from the Rockies game on Monday, and that set off a few warning bells for him. Following that move, Tulo had an inkling something was going on behind the scenes.

“I don’t think I’ve ever gotten pulled for a defensive replacement or double switched, so that was a little sketchy for me. I knew something might’ve been up. Walt pulled me aside and told me something might be in the works.”

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Ian Hunter

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