Brett Lawrie Speaks (After Not Wanting to Speak)

One day after indicating he didn’t want to talk to the Toronto media, Brett Lawrie came around and decided that he was going to speak after all.

Sportsnet landed the first on-camera interview with Brett Lawrie since the blockbuster trade with the Oakland A’s, in which Lawrie explains why he opted not to speak to the Toronto sportswriters yesterday.

It’s a pretty reasonable explanation; Lawrie said he “didn’t want to make it out any bigger than it needed to be”. But tn turn, he actually made it out bigger than it needed to be.


But Brett used this interview with Barry Davis as a platform to not only thank his loyal fans across Canada, but he also wanted to reiterate that he is a great teammate and a good guy in the clubhouse.

This may have been in response to the reports that Lawrie was one of the malcontents that was shipped off by the Blue Jays this winter.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Brett Lawrie, admittedly he was kind of unfairly lumped in with reported malcontents in the Blue Jays clubhouse like Colby Rasmus and Anthony Gose.

The one thing I’ll take away from this interview was it seems like Brett Lawrie really is maturing right before our very eyes.

Heck, he even mentioned his previous mistakes and how he’s learning from them … including diving into camera wells.  


Image and video courtesy of Sportsnet



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