GIFS: The Orioles Throw Behind Jose Bautista, He Then Hits a Home Run

Jose Bautista has had enough.

After being thrown at multiple times by the same team, things are reaching a boiling point between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles. Things didn’t quite reach the proportions of the A’s/Royals feud over the weekend, but it’s getting close.

And it all stemmed from a ball thrown behind Jose Bautista by Jason Garcia. There was no question at all it was intentional, and Bautista was understandably perturbed. But instead of losing focus, Jose Bautista actually harnessed his anger and used it to crush a home run.


Now we’ve seen angry Jose Bautista before, but this was taken to an entirely new level, as he looks like he’s about to go nuclear on the Baltimore Orioles.

And then of course after he knew the ball left the yard, Bautista slowly walked down the first base line and proceeded to perform a bat flip that’s about as boss as you’ll ever see.

The next inning, apparently Jose Bautista and Adam Jones exchanged words as Jose jogged out to the outfield. Jones stood at the top of the dugout and yapped back to Bautista.

Image via Chris Young/The Canadian Press via AP

Ian Hunter

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    Where's the "go fuck yourself buddy" .GIF he said to Flaherty as he rounded second lol?

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