A Game in GIFS: Blue Jays 3, Yankees 4

Game 1 of 162 for the Toronto Blue Jays really couldn’t have gone much better than it did. Game 2 of 162 at Yankee Stadium last night was quite the different story.

The main takeaway from the Jays’ 3-4 loss to the New York Yankees was the collapse of the bullpen. Once again … it’s only Game 2. If people are already concerned about the state of the team this early, wait until later in the season when the games really start to mean something.

Although the outcome was not ideal, there were several noteworthy moments from the game which you can enjoy in GIF form below.


The big question going into last night’s game was whether Russell Martin was up to the task of catching R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball. Overall, he made a valiant effort, but it looked like early on he might have difficulty corralling the knuckler.

Just one of the many Yankee batters baffled by R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball.

Miguel Castro made his second consecutive appearance out of the Blue Jays’ bullpen, and once again he dazzled with this spectacular changeup.

Late in the game, John Gibbons was forced to go to his bullpen several times, and also felt the need to don two coats. This might be my favourite Gibby GIF so far.

And although the Yankees had taken the lead at this point, Roberto Osuna entered the game in a high leverage situation. The very first batter he faced was Alex Rodriguez, and he managed to strike him out. Notice the excellent pitch framing by Russell Martin.

Bonus Vine! Who knew R.A. Dickey was a talented musician?

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    That second pitch looks like a changeup. Had a lot of spin on it and was probably a changeup grip as well

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