This Week in Daniel Norris News

Right now the Toronto Blue Jays have no shortage of charasmatic young players on the roster. Many of them are representing the club on their Winter Tour, but there’s another young man who’s had just as impressive of a week all on his own; Daniel Norris.

It’s been an impressive past seven days for one of the Blue Jays most highly-touted prospects, and I must admit that he’s very quickly making his way up the likability depth chart on the roster (with the top spot currently occupied arguably by Marcus Stroman).

Daniel Norris just may be the most fascinating person on the Blue Jays roster. Since it’s been a rather eventful week I figured I’d aggregate the best stories and features in what could very well be an ongoing feature here at BJH, it’s “This Week in Daniel Norris News”.


Shaving with an Axe

Want to look and smell like a man? Use Axe. No, like an actual axe. In what very well could be a brilliant piece of marketing, late yesterday Daniel Norris posted this picture using a steady hand and a large blade to do a bit of shaving.

That sound you also might hear is Norris’ agent pulling his respective hair out after finding out about this. Hopefully he didn’t sign a “no shaving with axes” clause in his contract.

This also proves that Daniel Norris just might be a younger version of The Most Interesting Man in the World. Stay beardly, my friends.

Living in a Van (Down By the River)

By now, most people are pretty familiar that Daniel Norris occasionally shacks up in his van during the offseason, which he affectionately refers to as “Shaggy”. But this week, we were given a few extra glimpses into what life is like living on four wheels.

The quarters inside his vehicle are what one can only describe as extremely “cozy”. Hey, if Matt Foley can do it … anybody can do it.


Earlier this week, Daniel Norris spoke to Josh Jackson of; among many things, living in a van, the Blue Jays’ apparent uneasiness about it, as well as a few other things. But I think this was my favourite quote from Norris in the entire piece:

“Almost all of my teammates think I’m the weirdest guy in the world. Most people [in baseball] think I’m pretty far out.”

Wearing the Wil Myers Look

It all started last week when Daniel Norris appeared on a video for He’s been photographed this season sporting a beard, but the hair and beard combo was just taken to an entirely new level.

In fact, I think this may just be next step in the evolution of the Wil Myers bedhead look. I’ll take your Wil Myers bedhead and raise you a Daniel Norris beard and bedhead combo.


Modeling the “Top Knot”

As a man who considers himself follically challenged, I’m not exactly familiar with hairstyles for men who are fortunate enough to still have luscious locks. But this week, I learned the above hairstyle being modeled by Daniel Norris above is referred to as a “top knot”.

What makes the photo there even more special is that it was taken in St. Thomas, Ontario outside the famous “Jumbo” monument. So incredibly, Norris sporting a bun at the top of his head isn’t the most bizarre thing in that picture.

That’s been “This Week in Daniel Norris News”. Tune in again next week! (maybe?)

Images courtesy of Daniel Norris on Twitter.
Photo in St. Thomas courtesy of @BrentLaleCTV

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