Bautista Flashes Some Leather at the All-Star Game

Image courtesy of Daylife via Reuters Pictures

He may not have dazzled with his bat, but Jose Bautista certainly wowed the crowd with his glove at the 2011 All-Star Game.

Bautista’s incredible sliding catch in foul ground ranks up there as one of the best at the Midsummer Classic, as he nearly slid full tilt right into the wall. You can bet John Farrell was holding his breath as Jose charged for the the corner.

It was a pretty risky move what with the All-Star being a exhibition contest and all, but try telling that to Jose Bautista. The fans voted him into the game, and he was damn well going to put on a show for them.


I admire Bautista’s determination to lay it all on the line when the game only really matter to the two teams will who be playing in the World Series. In my eyes, that’s the sign of a true star.

However, Alex Anthopoulos must have been very worried for a moment about his $65 million dollar investment.

Essentially, Jose Bautista was the antithesis of Derek Jeter of the All-Star Game. The fans voted both men in as starters for the Midsummer Classic, and yet only one decided to show up.

Some are willing to give Derek Jeter a free pass because he just hit a major milestone and recently came off the DL, but I think it’s a disservice to the fans to not at least make an effort to show up to the All-Star Game. He’d only have to stand out there for 1-2 innings anyway.

That’s what makes Jose Bautista so refreshing; here’s somebody who is participating in his second ever All-Star Game, and he’s playing like it’s Game Seven of the World Series.

While most of his accolades may be related to his offensive production, Jose Bautista proved with his glove at the All-Star Game why 7,454,753 votes were very well spent.

Ian Hunter

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