Meats Don’t Clash Monday!

Fire up the BBQ because our favourite carnivorous outfielder is back: Travis Snider has returned to the Toronto Blue Jays!

In honour of this momentous occasion, I think we should declare today as “Meats Don’t Clash Monday”. So what exactly does this entail? Here’s how you can get involved with “Meats Don’t Clash Monday”:

  • Simply use the hashtag #MeatsDontClash at any point today.
  • Tweet your meat pics to me @BlueJayHunter and use the #MeatsDontClash hashtag. And by meat pics, I mean pictures of beef, pork, chicken, unicorn, marlin, buffalo, rattlesnake, any animal game is fair game. This can be a picture of your breakfast, lunch dinner, or even if you just want to raid the meat section at No Frills … whatever you like!
  • If you are one of the proud owners of a Meats Don’t Clash shirt, be sure to wear it today in support of Travis Snider. And if you want to tweet pictures of your shirt as well, you’re more than welcome. Be sure to use the #MeatsDontClash hashtag so I can keep track of them.

I’ll update this post as the day progresses with some of the best tweets and meat pics as “Meats Don’t Clash Monday” continues.


Once again, we’re very excited to have Travis Snider back with the Blue Jays, so let’s all raise a honey glazed ham in celebration!

Thanks to @Will_Sportto for sending this Twitpic from Sightlines restaurant at the Rogers Centre.

@RicklePickle19 is celebrating Meats Don’t Clash Monday with what appears to be a bevvy of chicken and beef.

None other than @Elise_Myers was brave enough to go behind enemy lines at Fenway Park today and picked up a Fenway Frank with bonus jerky.

@pshag has a couple of birds in the oven … I wonder if they could possibly be turduckens?

And in what may just be the most impressive meat haul ever to rest on a single plate, @mike_digs has a plate filled with lobster, ostrich, duck, kobe beef, swordfish and bluenose.

Ian Hunter

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