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  • With Fantasy Hockey in the books for another season, it’s time to finally focus 100% on Fantasy Baseball leagues. The first week of play is always tough to gauge because you don’t want an itchy trigger-finger to influence you to drop a player after one bad outing, but you also don’t want to risk a roster spot for players that have an amazing start right out of the gate. [Read more]

  • Either one of two things will happen with Scott Richmond’s start today – it will go really really well, or Richmond will get lit up. [Read more]

  • I’m thinking that the Rogers Centre should change the name of the “Call to the Bullpen” to the “Call to the Cop Shop” now that Brian Tallet is sporting the most badass moustache in baseball. [Read more]

  • There may have only been around 17,000 fans at the Rogers Centre to witness it, but tonight’s 5-4 walk-off win over the Tigers didn’t even need the beer to make it exciting. [Read more]

  • What the hell did Adam Lind have for breakfast yesterday? It must have been a champion-sized bowl of Wheaties, because it was a career night for him in Toronto’s 12-5 tromping of the Tigers. [Read more]

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